All About Spokane, Washington

Spokane’s official nickname is the "Lilac City." Every year on the third Saturday in May, the city puts on the Lilac Festival, crowning a Lilac Queen and several Lilac Princesses. The main purpose of the Lilac Festival is a tribute to our veterans and active duty military with a Torchlight Armed Forces Parade. To honor the city’s nickname we call our Spokane Realty business - Lilac City Real Estate. Here's an article explaining how Spokane got "Lilac City" as its nickname.

Spokane River Offers Great Fishing | Downtown Spokane | The Lilac City

When you visit Spokane you will see many beautiful landscapes displaying their natural beauty. This is why the Spokane's motto "Spokane: Near Nature, Near Perfect" is so fitting for our region. One of the many fantastic local attractions is the Spokane River; it is very beautiful and flows through many communities that line its banks. Check out these photos of the Spokane River. Riverside State Park is another key attraction in Spokane. Riverside State Park features five fabulous venues with a wide array of recreational opportunities:

  • Nine Mile Resort - for water recreation
  • Spokane House – for a local historic interpretive center
  • Equestrian Area – for a new Equestrian Campground with riding trails, pony rides
  • ORV Area –Bring your off-road vehicles for motorized fun in the dirt.
  • Bowl & Pitcher Area – Washington State’s second most popular state park, campground, trail hiking, mountain biking, exhibits, crafts and much more.  Check out the “hanging bridge.”

The Centennial Trail is another local Spokane attraction. The 37 mile paved trail runs from the Idaho state line to Nine Mile Falls. It follows all the contours of the Spokane River through heart of downtown Spokane City and through many other neighborhoods along the river. Plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities present themselves along the Centennial trail. Many people love to walk, bike and skate on the trail.

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